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Logo Ostí Vedl - Apartments in Longiarù
Water Mill Grindstone - Ostí Vedl, Val Badia

The farmstead’s mill

Every farmer used to have a mill to make the food they needed. Things may have changed today, but Giovanni, Martin’s father, and his dream persist: preserve and renovate the family’s old mill to show guests what life was like in the past.

An ancient mill

Well worth a visit

Water mill interior - Ostí Vedl, Longiarù

Martin is more than happy to show you how farmers lived and worked in the past. He’ll take you to the old Morin, the family’s entirely renovated mill, and reveal the secrets which were once the daily bread of the Ladin community. You won’t want to miss a word of what he says.


A toast in Ladin

Morin Ostí Vedl

The ritual of the aperitif marks the end of the day and the start of the night. Martin will prepare one with his excellent wines and outstanding, high-quality finger food. The aperitif is set against the backdrop of the Dolomites and the ancient farmstead, creating a fairy-tale ambience as the sun sets below the mountains. How do you toast in Ladin? Raise your glasses and say: Vives!

The farmstead’s produce

Outstanding quality

Welcome to the Dolomites and to one of Val Badia’s side valleys, where farming traditions and culture still hold sway. Taste and sample our homemade produce, prepared using centuries-old methods.

Delicious food and beverages