Logo Ostí Vedl - Apartments in Longiarù
Logo Ostí Vedl - Apartments in Longiarù
Homemade organic juices

Genuine flavours

Eggs, butter, Speck, herbs, salad, onions, apricot and strawberry marmalade, elderberry flower syrup. A wealth of produce from the farmstead, a byword for quality and flavour.

Our barn

Befriending the animals

Farmhouse cow

Every Ladin farm has a barn – and so do we. Rearing dairy and meat cattle is a centuries-old tradition in Longiarù, an integral part of a farmer’s life in the past and now. The barn also doubles as a petting zoo where our younger guests can take care of kids, rabbits, chicken, pigs, and cats. A whole lot better than your average city park.

The farm’s pantry

High-quality produce


From spring to autumn, our vegetable garden yields fruits and vegetables: an impressive feat, as growing anything in the mountains isn’t a walk in the park. Chives, beans, lettuces, leeks, peas, courgettes, beets, and carrots as well as herbs such as sage. And "local" milk, butter, Speck, and marmalade. All this and more is for sale at our farm, a bastion for Alpine biodiversity.

A great breakfast

A hearty spread

Eggs, Speck, marmalade, homemade bread, honey, and much, much more – all made or farmed here. We serve delicious food every day.

Breakfast on the farm