Logo Ostí Vedl - Apartments in Longiarù
Logo Ostí Vedl - Apartments in Longiarù
Martin, Ostí Vedl

Peace and quiet

Enjoy life on a farm in one of Val Badia’s quiet side valleys. Welcome to Longiarù, nestled in the Puez-Odle Nature Park. Dive into nature at your own pace, not a care in the world.

A farmer’s life

Back to one’s roots

Barn with tractor - Ostí Vedl

Many of the people in the valley are still farmers, carrying on an activity as old as time itself, working among the huts, farms, meadows, summer pastures, barns, and haylofts. The scent of freshly cut hay, the irresistible aroma of aged speck and a slow pace of life, following nature’s rhythm, is what you’ll remember during your holidays with us.

Nature as a friend

Inner peace and quiet

A slow kind of beauty

House garden

Wake up to the sound of the rooster’s song and the church’s bells. You can also join us to feed the animals. Learn more about our land’s products: eggs, dairy, beef, Speck, juicy fruit from our vegetable garden and the forests. Follow your own rhythm, as the minutes slip, slowly, into hours until night falls. Time for an aperitivo – bask in pure peace and quiet, something the Dolomites do so well.

A wooden kingdom

Timber’s warm simplicity

Stube Ladin Ostí Vedl Val Badia

Ostí Vedl, the old tavern. It was first mentioned in the annals of Longiarù village at the start of the 16th century. A historic farmstead which has been renovated as a haven for hospitality. Timber reigns in the Stube and rooms, creating that typical feeling of nostalgia: here, time flows at its own pace and our guests will feel like living a dream.

Quintessential Val Badia

Forget busy roads. Forget chaotic, touristy village centres. Forget long lines at the lift, and the chaos of mass tourism. Welcome to Longiarù: discover the Dolomites’ quintessence and its centuries-old traditions, farming culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Val Badia, here, is as slow and genuine as it gets – now as in the past.