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Logo Ostí Vedl - Apartments in Longiarù
Old Lungiarü photo

Once upon a time in the Dolomites: Longiarù

Longiarù valley is like a parallel universe, for the Dolomites here boast a timeless charm. The centuries-old larch forest or the ‘windmill valley’ are the living embodiment of this slower pace, where farming community and traditions are alive and kicking.

Discover and cherish a whole new world

The Puez-Odle Nature Park

The road to Longiarù starts in San Martino in Badia. Just a few kilometres until you dive into a valley where nature and humanity live side by side, away from the louder, touristy places. The Sas di Putia, The Dolomites very own rocky sphynx, overlooks the valley.

The spell of Longiarù

A special world

Hiking in the Alpinist village of Lungiarü

Hikers, cyclists, mountaineers: Longiarù valley is what you were looking for. And Antersasc valley, boasting the Puez Gardenaccia peaks, is a sight for sore eyes. Head to the Genova Hut, crossing Valle dei Mulini as well as the Medalges and Putia meadows. Climb all the way up to the Dolomites’ Sphynx – words fail before of such beauty.

Away from the skiing chaos

A snow-covered valley

Skiing at Kronplatz

Longiarù isn’t part of the skiing carousel, yet it’s easy to reach. Its beauty is unique, for it’s away from the chaotic après skis and lift facilities, and, once it snows, the valley is covered in a pristine, white blanket. The ski mountaineering excursions to Cima Dodici, among the stunning rocky walls of the Puez Group, are one of those experiences you’ll never forget: prepare for breathtaking sights and stunning landscapes.

The Dolomites’ scent

Blossoming meadows

Flower meadow in Lungiarü

Once the snow melts in spring, the meadows are awash with a sea of flowers: crocuses appear first, followed by a tableau of yellow and light blue dots over the meadows at the foot of the Puez-Odle Nature Park. Walk among the viles, the oldest buildings in Val Badia which to this very day have an important cultural and social role. Prepare to travel back in time.

Larjëi’s colours

A centuries-old story

Autumn larches colors in the Dolomites

Visiting the Dolomites in autumn is something quite unique: the larches don their colours, putting on an unparalleled show of untold beauty. You can see it first-hand in Longiarù’s Larjei, the centuries-old forest. A month is all it takes for colours to change from green, through yellow, to darker shades of orange, before the needle-like leaves fall to the ground and the trees prepare for their winter slumber. Experience the magic on a hike or bike.