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Breakfast Ostí Vedl

A hearty breakfast

Our breakfast served in the Stube boasts select products that will put a spring in your step – just what you need to explore the Dolomites:

Bun de! That’s how we say good morning

A typical breakfast

Breakfast at the Ostí Vedl farmhouse

In our farmhouse, where the aroma of freshly baked bread envelops special occasions, you will find a table full of authenticity and tradition: delicious mountain butter, honey, and marmalades. Oats, fresh fruit, eggs, and a spread of cold cuts and cheeses. Juices, milk, and Italian coffee. Well begun is half done, after all.

Nature’s bounty

Organic breakfast

Breakfast with products from the farm

Our breakfast is completely organic, be it the marmalades, homemade cakes, or produce from our own vegetable garden. We want to delight our guests’ palate with mouthwatering treats from nature’s bounty, meaning everything is chemical-free. We believe it’s the best way to put a smile on your face in the morning.

Farmed for you

Genuine goodness

Jam, eggs and butter

Our farmstead produces high-quality produce we’re happy to share with our guests. Eggs, butter, Speck; herbs, salads, onions, apricot and strawberry jams, elderberry flower syrup. Our farmstead is the gift that keeps on giving.

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