Logo Ostí Vedl - Apartments in Longiarù
Logo Ostí Vedl - Apartments in Longiarù
Whirlpool Ostí Vedl mit Blick auf die Dolomiten

Relaxing with a view

Enjoy our small wellbeing area in the garden next to the farm. Bask in the stunning view of the Dolomites and forget the daily grind.

A Finnish sauna, South Tyrolean bliss

Sweat it out

Sauna with a view of the Dolomites - Ostí Vedl

After a lovely hike or bike ride, ski, or doing absolutely nothing, head to our Finnish sauna. In the garden, relax and lose yourself in the view of the surrounding Dolomites, meadows, and forests. Relax and enjoy.

Alpine jacuzzi

There’s no better place to be

Jacuzzi with a view of Longiarù

Bask in the jacuzzi and take in the surrounding nature and mountains. Feel the everyday rush seep away as you dive into a universe of peace, wellbeing, and relaxation. All compounded by the cowbells in the distance or the pristine white snow-covered meadows. Where else would you rather be?

Hay as light as a feather

A bath of sensations

Hay Bed - Ostí Vedl

Martin always goes above and beyond. In addition to the sauna and jacuzzi, he created a bed made of hay, cut and gathered from his meadows. An experience similar to an aromatic bath with Alpine herbs, the ideal treat to regenerate, relax, and feel as happy as a lark when it peeks out from its shelter as winter thaws.

A cold, regenerating shock

An ice-cold shower

Wellness area farm Ostí Vedl in Lungiarü

Not for the faint of heart: take an ice-cold shower or plunge into the “cold shock” tub before or after the sauna. We’ll leave that up to you. You’ll find both in the garden right next to the sauna and bed made of hay. A small, outdoor SPA delivering pure bliss to the farmstead’s guests.

Wellbeing area