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Giuvani Ostí Vedl 32

Giuvani’s room


Giuvani is Martin’s father, a handyman if there ever was one: farmer and woodturner during summer, and waiter during winter: he’s always ready to give a helping hand and smile. His dream? Restore the Ostí Vedl farmstead. A dream which a tree, uprooted by the Vaia Storm, shattered, but Martin didn’t give up, and dove right back into the project. This is his room.

A dream come true

Giuvani's room

2 Persons18 m²

Immersed in the heart of the structure, the Giuvani room awaits you with its emotionally-charged atmosphere. The double bed and antique wardrobe, witnesses of a living past, evoke a sweet and fulfilling nostalgia. The bathroom offers all the comforts with a toilet, bidet, shower, and toiletries. The large windows, with their enveloping light, create a welcoming environment that transports you to a time of emotions and memories.


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